Accountability Partner Guidelines

(Pastors' Step 2 for Helping Individuals)

An effective accountability partner is important for someone struggling with addiction. See below for suggested qualities to look for in an accountability partner and links to valuable tools for the accountability partner.

Qualifications of Accountability Partner

  • same sex
  • is experiencing victory and healing
  • is willing to be "not so nice," to ask difficult questions
  • is not easily fooled
  • can keep confidence
  • is available for daily check in by phone or email
  • will meet for regular face-to-face meetings (2-4/month)
  • is willing to be "on call" for times of stress and temptation

Accountability Questions for Accountability Partnership


Daily Accountability Check-in Worksheet


Accountability Software: Monitoring software can be an effective aid in personal accountability for adults. No blocking occurs. It simply reports on Internet usage. In setting it up, you decide who will receive the detailed report of the computerís usage. Web sites that are deemed inappropriate, based on the options youíve chosen, will be red-flagged.

Steps for Pastors Helping Individuals

Step 1: Immediate Emergency Response

Step 2: Church-based Accountability Partner

Step 3: Media Sobriety Covenant

Step 4: Online Safety & Media Sobriety Manual

Step 5: Family Support

Step 6: Peer Support Group(s)

Step 7: Professional Counseling