Step 1: Immediate Emergency Response

These are steps to take immediately to ensure physical safety and provide support for recovery.

  1. Designate point persons for addict, spouse, children

  2. Divestment of ministry responsibilities for the addict

  3. STD testing if physical boundaries were crossed

  4. Getting support for children during stressful family time

  5. Other emergency measures as needed (relocation, legal or financial support)

All these steps should be undertaken with compassion and respect for privacy, yet with the awareness that an addict cannot be trusted to be completely honest.


Steps for Pastors Helping Individuals

Step 1: Immediate Emergency Response

Step 2: Church-based Accountability Partner

Step 3: Media Sobriety Covenant

Step 4: Online Safety & Media Sobriety Manual

Step 5: Family Support

Step 6: Peer Support Group(s)

Step 7: Professional Counseling