Step 5: Family Support

It is important to provide support to the families of addicts, as sexual addiction does not just affect the addict - it also affects those close to him/her. Below are suggested steps and resources for helping parents of addicted children and spouses of addicts.

For Parents of Addicted Children:

Steps to take to equip the parents of addicted children:

  • Refer to online safety strategies to protect children.
  • Encourage parents to take the issue seriously.
  • Get kid to meet with adult recovering addict, if possible.

For Spouses:

Web Resources:

   Love Your Sister
The web site of a gifted woman whose mission is to recognize the beauty of women of all ages, races and cultures. Having experienced the pain of living with a spouse who struggles with sexual addiction, her desire is to inspire women through the website to take an active role in edifying, serving and praying for other women, so they might be restored to Godís original design for their lives.


    A secular fellowship of the relatives and friends of sexually addicted people who share their experiences, strength and hope in order to solve their common problems.


    A Woman's Healing Journey

Marsha Means, M.A., is a Christian counselor and writer, and the former wife of a sex addict. Out of her own experience, and her work with others impacted    by sexual addiction, has grown a community of women who share a common bond; each has been hurt by her partnerís sexual addiction or acting out behavior.


Steps for Pastors Helping Individuals

Step 1: Immediate Emergency Response

Step 2: Church-based Accountability Partner

Step 3: Media Sobriety Covenant

Step 4: Online Safety & Media Sobriety Manual

Step 5: Family Support

Step 6: Peer Support Group(s)

Step 7: Professional Counseling