Sample Christian Accountability Questions

For those in recovery from pornography, sex or other media addiction, we suggest developing 1-3 regular accountability partners that you check in with at least once or twice a week if not daily. The following is a list of suggested questions, in part adapted from other sources. Feel free to modify as appropriate for your situation.

  1. Have you viewed any pornographic image since we last spoke, intentionally or not? Have you acted out in any way since we last spoke? If so, how and what steps will you take to avoid doing so in the future?
  2. Have you done anything since we last spoke that you are ashamed of? If your wife (or husband) knew what you've done today, would she (or he) be pleased? If not, why not?
  3. Have you been monitoring when you become Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (HALT)? Have you dealt with those needs before they could become triggers?
  4. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to protect your sobriety for the next 24 hours, including:

            -    rigorous honesty

            -    physical care of your body

            -    praying to God

            -    calling on others (especially calling a lifeline during intense temptation)

            -    forgiving all resentments

            -    refusing all lust opportunities as toxic

            -    reading literature

            -    going to meetings

            -    setting boundaries

            -    maintaining an attitude of gratitude

  1. How has your spiritual life been? Have you prayed, sincerely? Is there anything you need prayer for?

  2. Are you keeping the commitments from your Media Sobriety and Recovery Covenant?

Adapted, in part, from Tom Buford's accountability questions and other sources.

Download Accountability Questions; En Espaņol

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