Beginning Recovery from Pornography Addiction

Victory from pornography and other sexual addictions is usually a process rather than an immediate event. This process requires a two-pronged attack.

First, one must stop the offending behavior(s). See our practical tools for overcoming temptation for specific strategies or view our Presentation on Overcoming Temptation for more in-depth information and a personal testimony of victory.

The second focus of attack must be on the root causes of one's descent into addiction: "Why do I do this?" The purpose of this inquiry is not just to be able to identify where the roots of addiction have come from, but to learn to live free of the "need" to numb out from life's experiences and challenges. This requires some reprogramming of long-held beliefs and well-established mental, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional habits.

We have found that without the two-tiered plan of attack, recovery is very difficult and short-lived.

Addiction recovery is not a solo venture. There are three levels of support we recommend: Accountability Partners, Peer Group Activity, and Professional Counseling.

On this website, we have information on porn addiction and a sex addiction test to help evaluate your status. We also have some practical tools and resources to help you on the road to healing, including information on the 12 steps, free and discounted accountability software links, a media sobriety covenantsample accountability questions, a daily check-in for sobriety via email, and a page on the special challenges for pastors and pornography temptation

And, recognizing the devastating impact that any sexual addiction has on a marriage or romantic relationship, we've compiled several articles and resources for spouses and other significant relationships.

Finally, on stories of recovery, we've posted a personal testimony and links to more stories around sexual addiction and recovery.