Help for Spouses

Sexual addiction exacts a devastating toll on marriages and romantic relationships. Spouses and significant others need support and healing to address the range of emotions and difficult experiences caused by being in relationship with a sex addict. Below are several links to articles and resources that we hope will be helpful (While most of these articles are geared toward women betrayed by men, we recognize that increasingly, men are betrayed as well. As resources targeting husbands and males in romantic relationships become available, we'll be sure to add them to this page.).

Do's and Don'ts

Healing for Wives Who've Been Hurt from Adultery or Porn Addiction

Getting Him to Change

Boyfriend Addicted to Sex

The First Seven Days

What to Do When a Spouse Refuses Help

Wives, Take Control

Forum for Wives of Sex Addicts

A secular fellowship of the relatives and friends of sexually addicted people who share their experience, strength and hope in order to solve their common problems.