Step 5: Sermons and Special Events

Below we've listed several resources and ideas for sermons or special events addressing online safety and media sobriety at your church.

*We recommend the Just Lust toolkit, by Creative Pastors. This is a source for tools to help churches creatively communicate Biblical truths with today’s culture in a relevant and compelling manner.  The toolkit has sermons (video, audio, and text with outlines), worship service plans, media files, and a dramatic presentation (video and script) all dealing with the issue of lust. One message is specifically about pornography.

*Use Focus on the Family's sermon outline on pornography.

*Adapt Safe Families Overcoming Temptation Talk    

             44% of churchgoers want to hear more scriptural

                teaching from their pastors on the subject of sex

                (March 2005 Christianity Today "Christians and Sex"



*Have a special service to show Call to Repentance (available to order here soon).

*Invite special speaker(s) to share.


*Show Beating the Bunny video to Youth Group

*For more suggested multimedia resources click here.



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Step 5: Sermons and Special Events*