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Presentations made by Donna Rice Hughes
Internationally known Internet safety expert, advocate and current president of Enough Is Enough (a national non-profit educational organization whose mission is to make the Internet safer for children and families). Several of Ms. Rice's presentations are posted here.

Internet Safety Presentation
From the Parentscentre, an official Department for Education and Skills (U.K.) website for parents and caregivers. A guide to safe surfing on the net. For comprehensive advice on how to enjoy the huge benefits of the internet without having to contend with fraud, spam, viruses, pornography, pop-ups and other potential hazards.

Teaching Kids To Be Safe Online
A straightforward, brief presentation for parents with practical suggestions.

Porn Again: Pornography and CyberPorn
Two thoughtful presentations on the commercial success, acceptance, dangers and entrapment of pornography, especially to Christians. Written by Dr. Rodney Cooper, currently, a Professor of Leadership and Discipleship at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.




Safe Families Online Safety and Pornography Addiction Workshop
Safe families presentation to church leaders on how to break pornography addiction by Andrew Sears and Bil Mooney-McCoy. This video is part of the training for pastors and parents to keep kids safe online and recovery from pornography addiction.

Trevor, a 14-year old from Utah is the writer, director, and star of this short film about the dangers of online predators. Casting his real life principal as his movie kidnapper, Trevor worked with his school and local police department for the shooting of this film.

Let's Fight it Together
ĎLetís Fight it Togetherí is a powerful film produced by Childnet for the Department for Children Schools and Families (U.K.) to help sensitize young people to the pain and hurt which can be caused through cyberbullying.

Every Young Man's Battle
This presentation documents the problem of pornography and sexual temptation faced by teenage and young adult males and presents strategies for gaining victory.

Escaping the Porn Trap
This video brings former pornography addicts, family members, and experts from around the nation together in telling it straight - this addiction is serious and devastating, but it can be overcome.

The Call to Freedom: Understanding True Repentance
Devoid of theory and hype, this unvarnished message has the power to radically change you! Filmed at the 5,000 member World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church in Memphis.

Beating the Bunny
An honest and candid film that tells the story of a young man's struggle with porn, with a surprising and humorous plotline.



The Blazing Grace Radio Show
Blazing issues... with grace filled answers; taking on the tough issues of life (especially sex and porn addiction) with brutal honesty, a little bit of humor and tons of blazing grace.

Pure Sex Radio
This weekly radio program tackles the tough subjects of porn, lust, sex addiction, and practical principles for living every day in sexual purity. Available online, through podcasts, or streaming audio.
Riding a Dead Horse: Carousel to Hell
Reading from his autobiographical book, Tom Buford, founder of Man On The Road, chronicles his horrendous journey to the bottom of the pit of pornography and sexual perversion and the miraculous touch of God's hand that lifted him out of that pit.

The Internet's Impact on Sex and Society
Hear about sex and the internet -- the unprecedented ocean of porn and possibilities now at our fingertips, and how it's effecting lives and society. Broadcast of NPR's radio show, OnPoint.

Child Safety On The Internet
Focusing on pornography and sexual predators and using personal experiences, the panel expounds on the problem and how it affects children. Possible solutions and helpful Web sites are also covered. A Q-and-A addresses the warning signs of children involved with pornography on the Internet.




The Internet: Blessing or Curse for Pastors?
Undertaken by Christianity Today. The purpose of this study is to explore some of the new opportunities and snares the Internet has created for those in ministry.

Christians and Sex: Sexual Issues in the Church
From Christianity Today, the research report seeks to understand and compare the sexual and marital issues affecting today's pastors and church laity.

Protecting Teens Online
Produced by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, this document details the findings of a survey of teens and their parents on online activities and dangers.
Just Harmless Fun
A special report from to provide an up-to-date overview of the evidence of harm. Read the evidence, and decide for yourself - is pornography "just harmless fun?"
The Porn Standard: Children and Pornography on the Internet
Documents the ease with which children can gain access to internet pornography and that industryís lack of effort to implement viable age-verification systems.

Online Victimization: A Report on the Nationís Youth
Produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this groundbreaking national survey of 1,501 youth aged 10 to 17 documented their use of the Internet and experiences while online including unwanted exposure to sexual solicitation, sexual material, and harassment. And it includes recommendations to help make the Internet safer for children.




CreativePastors, a source for tools to help churches creatively communicate Biblical truths with todayís culture in a relevant and compelling manner, has a kit of sermons (video, audio, and text with outlines), worship service plans, media files, and a dramatic presentation (video and script) all dealing with the issue of lust. One message is specifically about pornography.

PornSunday is an event-based program that seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives. The Porn Sunday kit is supplied for churches that choose to take part in this initiative. has compiled some of the best resources dealing with pornography all in one PornSunday kit, equipping your church to talk about pornography and preparing your church to deal with the issues after PornSunday is over (Please note, the cost of registration in Porn Sunday, including the kit, is $1,500).