Step 4: Churchwide Online Safety Initiative

Start a churchwide initiative to focus on online safety throughout various ministries.

  • Sunday School: Address online safety in Sunday School.
  • Youth Group: Talk about online safety with the youth.

  • Women's Group: Address online safety and media sobriety as it relates to women's experiences.

  • Info Tables and Posters: Promote awareness of the issues and provide information and other resources.

  • Software Distribution to all members

                 Order CD's from Safe Families for $1 each

                    (coming soon)


                 Give web links to download software at



                 Make your own copies of CD for free



Step 1: Staff and Leadership Team Meeting

Step 2: Men's Group Meeting

Step 3: Church-based Accountability Groups

Step 4: Churchwide Online Safety Initiative*

Step 5: Sermons and Special Events